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Quick and Easy Dresses to Sew


Laurie Malm 

It’s so sweet to see a baby, toddler, or girl in a pretty dress, especially when you’ve sewn that dress yourself. With these designs by Laurie Malm, you can quickly make an entire wardrobe of little warm-weather dresses! Most are as simple as sewing plain seams and cuffs or ruffles, while using binding to finish the armholes and shoulder ties. For an older girl, there’s also a handy little bag that’s so adorable when made to match her dress. Choose the fabrics that will make her smile, and get ready to whip up her favorite new outfits! Designs include The Simple Dress, The Fancy Dress, The Fancier Dress, The Prairie Points Dress, The Bag, and The Fat Quarter Dress. Other features include Fitting The Dress and Finishing Touches.

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