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Super Satchel Cube


Each Super Satchel™ cube comes with instructions and all hardware for easy assembly. In addition, the interior walls of each cube are pre-drilled with a series of rows of ports to accommodate a custom designed rail, which acts as a support system. The Super Satchel™ boxes can not only be stored, but slide out for easy access to all of your supplies! Each Super Satchel™ Cube comes with 6 sets of rails, which allow you to store both slim and deep Super Satchel™ Boxes. The tops and bottoms of each cube are pre-drilled and include pegs for a stacking option. Caps for the top holes of each cube are also included for a finished look. Color: White * This product is also compliant with current regulations in the State of California. 15.5" X 16.75" X 15.625". Stackable! Assembly Required.

retail $69.99

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