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Legacy by Pellon, L-NB-96, New England Quilt Supply

Legacy Natural Cotton Batting, 96 x 9 yds


Natural Unbleached Cotton - Needle Punched - No Scrim

The growth and processing of all natural cotton does not harm the environment. It is needle punched and there are no chemicals used. Our cottons are grown and manufactured in the USA. 96" x 9 yards double and rolled ontoa bolt board. Natural is intended for all tones except for white and very light colored quilts. The cream color could show through a very light fabric and also the natural byproducts of cotton could bleed onto a white fabric leaving a brown stain. 1/8 loft, 3/5% shrinkage, stitching area 4 apart, needle-punched. 100% Unbleached Cotton. 96 x 9 yards - double and rolled onto a bolt board.

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