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Blended Wall Quilts From in the Beginning- CLOSEOUT


Sharon Evans Yenter

Following the popularity of "Blended Quilts From In The Beginning", Sharon is now guiding quiltmakers through the process of making gorgeous "Blended Wall Quilts" in this ultra-easy workbook. Easy-to-follow instructions for eight quilt patterns, color, and fabric selection, make this a must-have book for quilters wanting to learn to make blended quilts. Simple piecing is emphasized, and basic units are repeated from quilt to quilt, allowing quilters to focus on the fun part...fabric and design! Once again, Sharon demonstrates that easy piecing, combined with beautiful fabrics, result in elegant and sophistcated quilts.

About the Author

Sharon Evans Yenter has been the owner of In The Beginning Fabrics, a quilt shop in Seattle, Washington, for 26 years. She is a collector of antique quilts with an emphasis on quilts from the early 1800s. Sharon enjoys exploring the eccentricities, beauty, and history of these quilts, and has developed the Blended Technique to bring these timeless quilts into the 21st century. She is co-author, with Marsha McCloskey, of "Blended Quilts From In The Beginning", and author of "Floral Bouquet Quilts", "Playtime To Bedtime Quilts", and "In The Beginning".

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