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Blended Borders: Quilts With a Creative Edge - CLOSEOUT


Pamela Mostek

Learn how to create stunning quilts with fabulous artistic borders with these quick and simple techniques. In this great new book, popular quilter Pamela Mostek shares the secrets of her innovative Blended Borders technique, which softens the line between the quilt top and the border. Rather than ’colouring inside the lines’, Pamela makes artful use of large-scale applique shapes to create quilts of unparalleled artistry. "Blended Borders" features five exquisite projects that showcase some of today’s fabulous large, dramatic prints, alongside a full-colour photo gallery for added inspiration. Also included in this volume is an extensive techniques section, which means even novice quilters can achieve expert results.

About the Author

Pamela Mostek is the owner of Making Lemonade Designs, a quilt pattern company.

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