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Keepsake Signature Quilts - CLOSEOUT


Sally Saulmon

Make your mark on a special quilt and preserve memories for a lifetime! Signature quilts contain signed or inscribed blocks that are pieced together to create treasured souvenirs of times and memories shared. From choosing a design to organizing participants, every aspect of making a signature quilt is provided in this book. The 24 block patterns offer a unique way to honor someone special. Commemorate occasions such as births, marriages, and anniversaries, as well as milestones in life, such as graduations, reunions, and retirements. Various techniques are offered for signature methods, including stencils, stamps, computer, embroidery, and more. The traditional designs are easy to accomplish with step-by-step instructions. AUTHORBIO: Born into pioneering Colorado families, Sally Saulmon learned to quilt at an early age from her grandmothers. Her quilts have been exhibited throughout the United States and have appeared in numerous national publications. Sally lives in Canon City, Colorado, with her husband, Bob. REVIEW: Sally has attempted to present a wide variety of blocks and settings that will provide space for expressing sentiment while creating quilts that would stand on their own as artistic entities.

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