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Beth Ferrier

 If you hate hand sewing, or canít sew by hand, or you simply like to do everything the fastest, easiest way, this clever new applique method is just what youíve been waiting for. Beth Ferrierís breezy style makes learning fun.  

When I was first learning to quilt, I despaired that beautiful applique was only the work of needle-turn goddesses. Being the stubborn sort (though I prefer to think of myself as tenacious), I set out to conquer applique. Because Iím almost pathologically curious and willing to experiment, I spent the next few years trying all sorts of applique techniques. Often I found myself wondering why it seemed that we quilters were so often doing things the hard way. Bit by bit I kept the parts of a technique that I liked and searched for better options to replace those I didnít. It took the chiding of my students to finally understand that I had, indeed, come up with a new approach to applique, one that I needed to write down. The result was my first book, Hand Applique by Machine. In the years since that first book was published, the quilting industry has blessed us with fantastic new products, making traditional techniques easier to achieve and allowing us to take our applique in nifty new directions. My goal has always been to find a way to make applique fun and easy without sacrificing that turned edge. But most of all, I wanted to make applique free-spirited again--open to interpretation instead of persnickety perfection. So come on, grab your scissors, and letís play!

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