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Schmetz, S-1788, New England Quilt Supply


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Schmetz Universal Twin Needle Assortment

Schmetz Twin Assortment size 1.6/70, 2.0/80 & 3.0/90

Also referred to as a Double Needle. With narrowly spaced needles, this Universal Twin Needle is perfect for sewing dual rows of stitches stitches. Can be used with zig zag machines that thread front to back. System: 130/705 H ZWI. Assortment includes 1 each of sizes: 1.6/70 - Needle Distance: 1.6mm. Needle Size: 10/70; 2.0/80 - Needle Distance: 2.0mm. Needle Size: 12/80; 3.0/90 - Needle Distance: 3.0mm. Needle Size: 14/90. 3/card.

retail $10.99/card

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