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Portable Patchwork - CLOSEOUT


Donna Lynn Thomas

Who Says You Can’t Take It With You?  

No longer does the quilter feel like she has to be shut away from everyone in her sewing room and chained to her sewing machine in order to make a quilt. No matter what is going on or where she is, today’s busy quilter can take her patchwork with her! Author Donna Thomas gives step-by-step instructions on integrating hand and machine piecing skills in this must-have book for busy quilters.

Quilters are shown how to convert skills that are generally used only for machine piecing into hand piecing techniques. The quilter can now chain piece, make folded corners, and use her rotary cutter even while piecing by hand!

Beautiful quilts such as St. Louis Nosegay, Simple Stars and Mariner’s Compass are included. The quilt patterns are graded by the level of difficulty with one spool being the easiest and three spools indicating the most difficult. Fourteen patterns are given.

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