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In the Studio With Judy Murrah - CLOSEOUT


Judy Murrah

In the Studio with Judy Murrah 12 Playful Quilted Projects Judy Murrah

Discover a world full of new potential for creating original quilts with bestselling author Judy Murrah’s inventive techniques! A dozen quilted designs will challenge you to relax and get playful with your projects. Start small with Judy’s fabric "love notes," then jump right in and have fun with quilts that will build confidence and give traditional designs a topsy-turvy twist.  Includes recipe-style instructions for wall quilts, pillows, and other lively projects with quick-to-make appeal.  Jam-packed with fascinating tricks for adding dimension, movement, and brilliance to quilts using fabric manipulation and embellishments.

Bonus! Take a page-by-page tour of Judy’s spacious, state-of-the-art home studio, where a balance of organization and inspiration gets the creativity flowing.

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