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New England Quilt Supply


Classic Quilts

Leisure Arts

These vintage and vintage-style quilts are true classics from every corner of quilt-making history. Classic patterns can help you make wonderful new quilts! That’s because all quilts spring from the same desire to make something beautiful and useful. Follow the patterns in Classic Quilts to re-create these quilts as is, or change them to suit your taste. These table toppers, wall hangings, and bed quilts can be your foundation for a houseful of quilted treasures. After all, what makes a quilt yours is how you make it--with your choice of fabric and colors, and your individual flair! Quilts include Trip Around the World, Hourglasses & Geese, Churn Dash Maze, Rail Fence, Tree of Life, Shoofly Table Topper, and Log Cabin Wall Hanging.

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