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Legacy by Pellon, L-SB-96, New England Quilt Supply

Legacy Soy Blend Batting, 96” x 9 yds

Soy Blend Batting W/Scrim

Soy Protein is a new active fiber, a new ‘GREEN’ textile fiber that feels like skin to skin. Soy is good to your skin and good to the earth and Oh-so soft & smooth in a quilt batting. The combination of Soy & Cotton is softer than anything on the market today. Legacy Soy Blend is thin and very easy to needle by hand. It will be super for the ‘old quilt’ look or miniatures or a lightweight bed quilt as well as a garment.
Soy/cotton 50/50%can shrink as much as 0-3% due to the cotton content. Testing has proven shrinkage of 0-2% when using gentle washing habits and 3-5% when using very hot temperatures, aggressive agitation and too much time in a hot dryer. 96" x 9 yards - double and rolled onto a bolt board.

retail $118.60