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Kraft-Tex Style


Roxane Cerda

Combines the Best of Leather & Fabric - Sew 27 Projects. Discover endless creative techniques for working with kraft-tex™, including stitching, embossing, painting, dyeing, embellishing, inkjet printing, washing, distressing, weaving, burning, die-cutting—combine methods for stunning results. Features more than two dozen projects that include home decor, bags, and accessories from 18 well-known contributors, including Jen Carlton Bailly, Carrie Bloomston (SUCH Designs), Rachel Gander (Imagine Gnats), Michelle Jensen (Mixi Heart), Maryellen Kim (Twist Style), Cheryl Kuczek (Paradiso Designs), Karen LePage (One Girl Circus), Nicole Mallalieu (YOU SEW GIRL!), Caro Sheridan (Splityarn), Alyssa Thomas (Penguin & Fish), and Annabel Wrigley (Little Pincushion Studio). Filled with so many imaginative ideas to kick-start your kraft-tex™ creativity, you’ll want to make every project in the book.

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